Do you receive nuisance phone calls at home?

Ten years ago it was expensive to make a phone call, but now, with reducing telecoms costs and sophisticated call centre equipment, companies can make calls for a fraction of a penny each. Many people’s lives are blighted by this telephone spam, and companies making the calls either don’t realise, or don’t care.

While there are laws to prevent many types of nuisance call being made, the regulators haven’t been given the resources to follow up individual complaints - even if you can prove that a company has broken the law. They can only monitor the complaints that they receive, and go after the worst offenders.

A nuisance call is in the eye (or ear!) of the beholder - it's a nuisance call if it is a call that you don’t want to receive. Telemarketing companies can and do quite legally run campaigns that have just a 1% response rate – for every 1 person who is interested in their offer, 99 people who are not interested in their offer are disturbed by an unwanted call. When will this madness stop?

ReportACall allows you to write a report about any nuisance phone call you receive, and bring this problem out into the open – and it only takes a moment.

You can report any phone call you receive where you can either identify the company or their caller-ID. It may be an unwanted telemarketing call, a silent call, a recorded message call, a market research call or a scam*. It’s up to you to decide – if you think that it’s a nuisance then it is a nuisance, even if it was perfectly legal for the company to make the call.

Once we have build a database of complaints, we will start to publish detail of the companies who are generating these calls.

We believe in transparency and openness, and that companies will only stop making these calls when they realise the damage they are doing to their relationship with the public.

* If you are receiving malicious calls – abusive or threatening calls then please click here